Väinö Rautio

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Väinö Rautio.
A retrospective
exhibition of the
Vyborg-born artist

In 2019, 125 years have passed since the artist Väinö Rautio’s birth in Vyborg.
Lappeenranta Art Museum has put together a retrospective exhibition of the
artist’s work, comprising works from the museum’s own collection and from private
collections. After the war, Rautio lived and worked in South Karelia and in 1945
participated in the founding of the association Lappeenrannan Taiteenystävät
(Lappeenranta Friends of Art) and its drawing school where he also taught. Rautio
built an atelier at his summer cottage on the island of Paimensaari in Savitaipale in
1948. He is known as a versatile painter of landscapes, still lives, portraits and selfportraits.
The works he painted in his birth town Vyborg during the Interim Peace
after the Winter War and before the Continuation War form a fascinating series.



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Lappeenrannan taidemuseo

Kristiinankatu 8-10


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Adults 10 €
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