A wild Vodka Variety Show ”THE WEDDING SHOW”

Событие Описание

High class circus acts, Live-Music and Comedy, performed by international street and circus performers, melt together in a turbulent show unlike any other.

A night in the little town of Hoodlivnitz, somewhere in the east, far, far away. This is the place where they dance tango and polka, where they fight and make love and where the night lasts as long as there is vodka…and vodka there is!

Everything else is unpredictable: Russian acrobatics collide with New York freak-show, Berlin manners embrace British humour, and French improvisation gets tangled up with Polish contortionism – or vice versa?

The shows are anarchic, packed with exciting acts, abstract surprises and banging balkan beats, which never let the audience off the hook. This fantastic mixture comes straight out of the Berlin underground!

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Мероприятие закончилось.

Место встречи

Kallenkuja 3, 55100 Imatra

Kallenkuja 3

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