Karelian skittles evenings

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Welcome to try and practise Finnish skittles game tuesday at 18.00, we are playing at sport field near Myllysaari beach and recreational area. Street address is Ainonkatu 20.

Finnish skittles (aka Karelian skittles, outdoor skittles or kyykkä) is a centuries-old game of Karelian origin. The aim in Finnish skittles is to throw wooden skittle bats at skittles, trying to remove them from the play square using as few throws as possible. Skittles can be played with four-man teams, in pairs or as an individual game.


The event has ended.



Kirkkoherranlahden urheilukenttä Myllysaaren

Ainonkatu 20


Contact information

  • Organisation: Kaakon Karjalaiset Ry
  • Contact Ilmari Laakkonen
  • Phone: +358442790972
  • Email ilmarille@iki.fi


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