Pole Dance Basics course in June 2019

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Pole Dancing for the beginners in Lappeenranta! Pole Fitness is a rapidly growing sport in the World among kids and adults!

3.6.2019 - 12.6.2019 EXERCISES (60 MIN.): MONDAY AT 17.30-18.30 AND WEDNESDAYS 17.30-18.30 TRAINING DATES: 03.06, 05.06, 10.06 AND 12.06

The course will give you the opportunity to try the basic techniques of pole dance, rotation, standing, sitting, climbing, grips on the pole. The pole dance is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or force, and is a fun way to develop muscle strength, flexibility and balance. The course is designed for first-timers and beginners. In this course, we learn about rod-grips and safe pole technology. In addition to basic rotations, you will learn to stand and sit on the pole. You can also try the first inversion movements with the help of the instructor, that is, the head down with the rod. To get started you don't need a previous exercise background! Clothes: Short shorts and basic for ease of grip. When warming up and running, it is good to have long pants / leggings and a long-sleeved shirt. No jewelry! One or two athletes on the course. The coach is Pole Fitness director Anna. The price of the course is 60 EUR (incl. VAT). The invoice will arrive after the registration in https://www.varaaheti.fi/artfit/fi

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Kauppakatu 61

Kauppakatu 61


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Everyone 60 €

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  • Organisation: ARTFIT STUDIO
  • Contact Anna Neuvonen
  • Phone: 0404859559
  • Email info@artfit.fi