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"Stone is proposed for three dancers, as a way to explore resistance, conquest and failure. The cruel hardness of the body and the moment of fracture that surprises as something unexpected. It is almost certain that at some point in the process something will split, and cause us to continue leaving behind, part of what we were and that we are no longer, and something that soon, we will no longer be.”

Director: Igor Calonge
Performers: Ainhoa Usandizaga Estarloa, Emma Riba Santuré, Víctor Fernández Durán Assistant Director: Gabriel F.
Lighting Design: Sergio García
Costume Design: Amalia Elorza
Production and Distribution: Igor Calonge Sculpture: Beatriz Churruca

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Kallenkuja 3, 55100 Imatra

Kallenkuja 3


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