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Xterra’s speciality is the tracks – both cycling and running take place in the forest as cross country running and mountain biking. The course is an adventure which combines both uphills and downhills – pits, rocks and stumps. You won’t be able to avoid getting dirty in this competition as a result of the speed and demanding profile of the track. Finally, the magnificent nature, Lake Saimaa and its beautiful surrondings crown the competition!
All you need is goggles, a race suit, a mountain bike, a helmet and running shoes. These will get you started and certainly to the finish. In addition, you will need a sense of adventure, as the off-road triathlon is a total experience. It combines the wilderness, struggle and a sense of community familiar with the triathlon, as well as encouragement and a good mood.
You can participate in Xterra Finland as an individual or as a team. We all share a love for sports and relaxation!
Of course, there are also those who will travel here to compete head-to-head for a chance to compete in the XTerra World Championships in Maui, Hawaii. This sport is suitable for both novices and professionals.

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Holiday Club Saimaa, Rauhanrinne 1, Rauha

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Contact information

  • Organisation: XTerra Finland c/o Aki Keskinen
  • Contact Aki Keskinen
  • Phone: 0443557869
  • Email keskinap@gmail.com