SACRED GROVE. Notable sites of ancient relics

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Many relics are linked to the beliefs and world views of the people who owned and
used them. The sacred sites of ancient Finns include sacrificial trees, stones, rocks
and springs, as well as large stones with small man-made holes and sacred groves.
At such sacred sites, the ancient people paid tribute to guardian spirits belonging
to that particular site, or the deceased, and asked more powerful forces than
themselves for help in exchange for a small offering. Respect is a good principle to
follow even today when visiting such sites. At the exhibition, you can learn about
ancient hillforts, cemeteries and large stones with small man-made holes by also
listening to sounds from the past.



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Etelä-Karjalan museo

Kristiinankatu 15


Target Price
Adults 10 €
Pensioners 8 €
Students 8 €
Ryhmät (min.10 henk.), Groups (min.10 persons), Группы (минимум 10 человек) 8,00 € Lapset (alle 18-vuotiaat) vapaa pääsy, Children (under 18 years old) free entrance, Дети (до 18 лет) бесплатно

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  • Organisation: Lappeenrannan museot
  • Phone: 040 587 2274