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South Karelia calendar of events is free of charge ad space. Event information can be maintained in real-time by acquiring its own user accounts. Registered users can edit their own event at any time.

Events can continue to inform the traditional way communication form. The municipality publishes the reported events a few business days.

Are found inaccurate event information to inform you of local events like.

Neighbouring area cooperation

Step Up - Cross Border City in Action is the city of Lappeenranta, managed by the EU ENPI program for three-year project, the purpose of which is to develop cooperation in various industries of the area and improve the culture we encounter, and public participation in the various events on both sides of the border. The partners of the project on the Finnish side the city of Lappeenranta City of Imatra, South Karelia, Exercise and Sport, School of Eastern Finland and the University of Applied Arts in Imatra unit. On the Russian side of the project partners are the Vyborg district administration and local government, Svetogorks Admiraliteetin city and district in St. Petersburg.

The project priorities, as are the co-sports, culture, youth and education between. EKarjala calendar of events expected to increase the use of area residents awareness of the activities taking place in the immediate area, and get more new players and the public to local events. Calendar utilization on both sides of the border are marketed in different contexts, so that the event organizers pass on information about the activities of the Finnish language in addition to English, so that the Russian people would find the Finnish side events even better. Vyborg district of different events in the future will be information about the calendar of events also in Finnish and English. Step Up - Cross Border City in Action project can be found at www.crossbordercity.com more information.

Maintenance information

South Karelia events are open to all event organizers reporting channel. Event data consist of local events as well as event organizers responsible for the data reported. Event Information for scrutinized please contact the South Karelian municipalities tapahtumakalenterivastaaviin:


Sari Saarinen
p. 020 617 2213


Lappeenrannan kaupunki, Matkailuneuvonta
puh. 05- 66 77 88


Sirkka Liljander
p. 040-595 7350


Kulttuuripalvelu Kaiku Ky/ Virve Niiranen
puh. 050 590 1583


Ruokolahden kunta/ Terhi Äijö
puh. 044 449 1267


Parikkalan kunta /vapaa-aikapalvelut
Kulttuuripäällikkö, puh. 044 7811297
Liikunnanohjaaja, puh. 044 7811933


Rautjärven kulttuuritoimi
Kaisa Myllymäki
p. 040 506 3893


Kulttuuritoimisto/ Helena Hjerppe
puh. 05- 61 40 242


Sivistystoimi/ Piia Pouttu
puh. 040 7106096

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